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PlugHoiz Smoothie Analplug aus Holz - Pride Edition
plugHOIZ Smoothie Anal-Dildo Pride Edition - Perfekter Analplug für Neulinge
plugHOIZ Smoothie Anal-Dildo Pride Edition - 100% Schadstofffrei
plugHOIZ Smoothie Anal-Dildo Pride Edition - Vermassung
plugHOIZ Smoothie Analplug Pride Edition - Produktverpackung

PlugHoiz Smoothie Wooden Anal Plug - Pride Edition

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The slim, conical shape of the PlugHoiz smoothie sinks into you effortlessly. You really can't go wrong.


Anal plugs stimulate you in an unusual way. Whether it's sex or a solo concert: Our PlugHoiz makes everything a little more beautiful.


The lacquered wood has a slick surface that glides smoothly into you. It gets even better with our love fluids!


In contrast to plugs made of silicone or plastic, our natural product is 100% free of harmful substances and safe for your body. Quite relevant considering where the toy touches you.

Made in Germany

Thank you for supporting our small, independent manufactory. You are a rock star!

Colorful in the butt!

Our Pride Edition PlugHoiz smoothie shines in all colors of the rainbow. Well, of course you don't see that when you bring the sex toy to its destination. But as a little treasure in the bedside drawer, the wooden anal plug cuts a really good figure.

Speaking of figure: the rainbow smoothie has Bavarian dream dimensions.
The plug only gets wider very slowly and measures 2.5 cm at the thickest point. As a result, it glides effortlessly into you - even if you have no practice in this area. Perfect for the first experiments with anal sex or a gentle stretch! You can prepare for anal sex with the plug or enjoy the feeling of tightness in other types of play.

Wood is a fantastic material for sex toys.
Honestly, we have no idea why there are so many silicone or plastic models. Renewable raw materials are simply better! The wooden anal plugs have a pleasant weight and feel warm from the first second. We source our wood from the EU and work with partners who ensure fair and environmentally friendly conditions. Your PlugHoiz smoothie is made in our factory in southern Bavaria.

Every plug is unique. Exactly how the tree grew!
We color the individual rings with skin-friendly colors and seal everything with a pollutant-free varnish. This makes the wooden butt plug particularly resistant and easy to care for. Simply rinse off or with our Toy cleaner "PutzDeifi“Spray - done!