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plugHOIZ Curvy Mrs. Purple - Analplug aus Holz
plugHOIZ Curvy Mrs. Purple - Analplug aus Holz
plugHOIZ Curvy Mrs. Purple - Analplug aus Holz 100% schadstofffrei
plugHOIZ Curvy Mrs. Purple - Analplug aus Holz 10,5cm lang und 3,4cm dick
plugHOIZ Curvy Mrs. Purple - Analplug aus Holz Verpackung

PlugHoiz Curvy Wooden Butt Plug - Mrs. Purple

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The slim, conical shape of the PlugHoiz smoothie sinks into you effortlessly. You really can't go wrong.


Anal plugs stimulate you in an unusual way. Whether it's sex or a solo concert: Our PlugHoiz makes everything a little more beautiful.


The lacquered wood has a slick surface that glides smoothly into you. It gets even better with our love fluids!


In contrast to plugs made of silicone or plastic, our natural product is 100% free of harmful substances and safe for your body. Quite relevant considering where the toy touches you.

Made in Germany

Thank you for supporting our small, independent manufactory. You are a rock star!

You like anal sex. Whether alone, with your sweetheart or in a group:
Experiments on and in the back door are your thing. But unfortunately most anal plugs don't really satisfy you. Something is missing to fill you up completely. Do you recognize yourself? If so, then our PlugHoiz Curvy could be the perfect sex toy for you.

There are many reasons why anal sex is fun. The sphincter and rectum are full of sensitive nerve endings. Stimulation in this area can feel really great. And if you happen to have a prostate, this applies twice. But that's not the only benefit. The intense stretching of the muscles gives many people the ultimate kick. And that's where most of the "normal" anal plugs fail. Our PlugHoiz Curvy fills this vacuum. Due to the impressive circumference of X cm at the widest point, the plug stretches you intensively, but not excessively. 

The bulbous shape hugs your intestinal muscles from the inside and gives you a pleasant feeling of fullness and breadth. You can use it to prepare for anal sex or just wear and enjoy the plug. In any case, we recommend a good lubricant. Our vegan love fluids silicone-based are a good choice. But the wooden sex toys are compatible with all kinds of lubricants. After use, simply rinse your anal plug under water or use ours Toycleaner PlasterDeifi. Doesn't take 30 seconds! 

By the way: We only use materials and paints that do not harm your body. Our paintwork is normally used for children's wooden toys and is 100% free of harmful substances. You can wear the plug without hesitation - as long as you want and can. You have probably never been so full!