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LustHoiz Profile - The story of how the unique wooden dildos were made

Who is behind it?

Three slightly crazy, yet sympathetic, nature-loving guys who have never lost their enthusiasm for wooden toys - that is our serious statement.

How much alcohol consumption is necessary for such an idea?

Constant drip hollows the stone - many evenings with a lot of humor, great ideas, tears and sweat have accompanied us for a year to come to the point at which you can finally hold our products in your hands.

Why wooden dildos and vibrators?

We could have made pens - it would have been boring.

What do our families say about our business idea with sex toys?

From approval to sheer horror with gasping - everything is included. Was a perfect way to lure our over 60-year-old parents out of the reserve.

Why wood?

In any case, we think that it was time to take a different and sustainable path.

Yes, we already know what you think about wood now ... cold, unsuitable and hard (which is not a disadvantage; o)). We have heard all this often enough.

But we also know the opinions after use - let yourself be surprised and simply try it out. We look forward to your reviews.

What do we think of silicone sex toys?

Plain and moving: NOTHING - we definitely don't want cheap silicone products from the Far East!

What is important to us?

  • That your sexual fun can do without cheaply produced silicone sticks.

  • That we are responsible for as many of your highlights as possible.

  • Word is spreading quickly about the pleasure factor and the quality of our LustHoizers.

How are the wooden dildos made?

A lot of manual work, a few secret ingredients and a lot of love - or do you know the CocaCola recipe? Honestly, people don't tell you that.

Do we test ourselves?

Clear. Himself is the man - depends of course on the area of application; o)

What is our goal?

We want to drive the silicon billets out of the market - no, let's face it ... razor them !!!!!!! Did we actually mention what we think of silicone dildos?