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Care instructions

You chose a different kind of dildo - congratulations!

Our dildos are made of a natural material that is very warm and cuddly. Since the surface has no pores, it is also very hygienic . We recommend cleaning after each use so that you can have fun with your Lovetoy in the long term. You can wash our LustHoizers with soap and water.

For even more thorough cleaning and disinfection, you can also use our toy cleaner "PUTZDEIFI".
For the "regular" use from the front and your vaginal pleasure experience we recommend our "GEIBUNGSverLUST AQUA". If you prefer it around the back, better use the silicone-based lubricant "FRICTION LOSS SILICONE or Pride" - it will make it slide better.

Instructions for use

Before using for the first time

  • Please remember to clean the wooden sex toys with soap and water, or even better with a suitable toy cleaner, before using them for the first time .

In action

  • Use only water-based lubricant or silicone-based toy lubricant.

  • Thoroughly clean before and after use, best disinfect with our toy cleaner.

safety instructions

  • Please do not use the product during pregnancy, with a pacemaker, on swollen or inflamed skin.