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I am a column. Cooperation with Pink Ribbon
We at LustHoiz have made it our business to produce sustainable sex toys for you so that you can live your sex life healthy and natural .

From the very beginning, we have been careful that not only our products are environmentally friendly , but also our manufacturing processes. Whenever possible, we work with regional partners in order to generate minimal transport routes and keep the associated emissions low.

As a start-up, we also focus on social responsibility , which for us as a company starts from the beginning and not when you can afford it or want to do it for image reasons.

LustHoiz is currently still in the start-up phase and we are reinvesting every euro in order to further develop our products for you and to be able to offer you new products. Nevertheless, as a company, we want to set an example right from the start and assume social responsibility. For this reason, we are very proud of the cooperation with Pink Ribbon Germany.
But why did we choose Pink Ribbon as a cooperation partner who has set itself the task of educating women and those around them about breast cancer - in particular how important it is to recognize this cancer early?
Very easily! It is about placing the topic of breast cancer in a fear-free and positive context. So together we take the most beautiful thing in the world and say in this way: Do not be afraid! Enjoy your life! And be careful with and good to your body!

Early detection plays an important, if not the central, role here. Only if the cancer is recognized early can you treat it well. So it is all the more important not to close your eyes and to go to the doctor quickly if you suspect anything.
We think this approach is really great! And true to the motto "Do good and talk about it", we want to support Pink Ribbon Germany with our public relations work in order to reach as many people as possible.

But we go a step or two further. For every Mrs. Pink sold we donate 2, - € to Pink Ribbon Germany and if you write us a product review, we will donate 1, - € on top.
So you see, it's worth taking part !!!

And who can say that with his sex toy and the most beautiful thing in the world, he is doing something for a good cause?
With that in mind, think Pink! ;-)

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I am a column. Pink Ribbon Germany
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