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What does the vagina look like?

The vagina, or vagina, belongs to the internal genital organs. Some confuse it with the outer female gender, the vulva. But the vagina is inside the body.

Vagina sounds like a beautiful round flower, but did you know that it is a tube of up to 12 centimeters long made of very stretchy mucous membrane and actually has nothing in common with a flower?

This mucous membrane is surrounded by a thin layer of muscle. The vaginal wall consists of smooth and cross-striated muscles. Two other muscles surround the vagina in a loop. With the right workout, a woman can control how tight her vagina is. Which can even be very exciting for men during sex.

The comparison with a hole is also completely insane. If you insert a finger into the vagina, you will notice that the entrance is not round, but U-shaped. In the idle state, the walls lie against each other and only when entering, for example during sex, does the entrance open piece by piece. For this reason, most sex toys are narrower at the beginning and become somewhat thicker and rounder in length. There is a curved surface on the front of the vagina. There is the G-spot, which is particularly excitable for many women. The G-spot is about the size of a 1 euro coin and slightly rough. Since the vagina itself is only about 12 centimeters long, the ideal penis length that completely satisfies a woman and also feels pleasant is 10-12 centimeters. So we now know that the sentence "it does not depend on the length but on technology" absolutely corresponds to the truth dear men's world. So you can breathe easy.

With sexual excitement, the vagina or, as some would say, our lotus flower is supplied with more blood. This causes more fluid to enter the vagina. This makes it easier for the penis or your sex toy to penetrate. The vaginal wall smoothes out and the upper part opens up. This gives the penis more space, which sounds pretty strange, because dicks don't get enough stage? Small joke!

In order to do justice to the vagina and make the penetration as comfortable as possible for them, LustHoiz designed the Model Two . This model has the U shape of the vagina to adapt to it and thus stimulate it best. The great thing about this product, it can be used on both sides. For those who initially want it to be narrower, but also for those who want to start with the thickest end. The wood adapts to your body temperature and slips better than a silicone stick.

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