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How harmful are silicone sex toys really?

Sextoys are now part of the bedroom like a soup spoon in the kitchen.

Whether alone or with a partner, they amuse the love life. But have you thought about whether the materials we penetrate into our most intimate area are harmful? Often it is not the plastic itself that is harmful to health, but its additives. Silicon is a controversial subject and little data has been collected to date. However, there is sufficient evidence that some forms are organ-damaging and carcinogenic. Then why not switch to sustainable natural products? Safe fun in bed for all women, men and couples with wooden dildos.

The LustHoiz dildos have a pollutant-free coating that is also used for children's toys. They are moisture-resistant and durable. The sex toys can be easily cleaned under water or with the toy cleaner "PutzDeifi" after the pleasurable use. And don't be afraid that the wood will feel uncomfortable or cold. Wood adapts to our body temperature and is very pleasant to insert. You don't have to be afraid of wood splinters either, because the dildos are handmade and painted so often that this is absolutely not possible. Your G-spot is ideally stimulated by the unique shape and grain.

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