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Should women be ashamed of satisfying themselves?

Maybe we should ask the question a little differently: Why are many women ashamed of it?

We live in the 21st century. Women now go to work and even wear pants for those who have not yet noticed. But when it comes to sex and masturbation, a lot has just not changed. It is also a matter of how many sexual partners the woman had, what she likes and whether she is satisfied with herself. Associated with prejudice and shame. While men wave the palm, play five against Willi, get one down or jerk off one charmingly, there is only masturbation for women. But well, in terms of names we can come up with something together.

While it is now something completely normal for some and they even do it together with the partner or in front of the partner, there are also very many who are even ashamed of themselves when their own hand slips into the crotch. But how should my partner know what I like if I don't even know it myself?

You will find out if you explore yourself.

We interviewed dear Nina for you. Nina is 28, a teacher by profession and has been in a relationship for 4 years. She has not really spoken openly about this topic before, so we are particularly pleased that she is doing it today.

We're starting out very simple and want to know how important sex is to you?

"Everyone has sex. It is the most normal in the world and not a subject that should be taboo. For me it is very important, especially in a healthy partnership"

When did you have your first experience with it?

"My first time was when I was 17. Of course, I had also explored myself beforehand, but my shame in front of myself was actually very great."

What do you think, how far does masturbation affect sex with your partner?

"I think it has a strong impact. How should we know how we would like it if we don't try. Many girls don't even know how the vagina is constructed. Only when we love ourselves can we love others and let us drop completely during sex. "

Have you ever been ashamed of your sex partner?

"Yes, of course! Now I know that it also has a lot to do with your counterpart. We all look different, everyone has their own preferences. There are small, large, firm or less firm breasts, etc., but that's what we do and nothing that we should be afraid of, that our counterpart might not like it. I even think that there are no real preferences, because what I find beautiful in one person, I don't necessarily have to be in another It is the overall package and if you get involved, you discover each person's own individual preferences, which is why I find sex in a long-term relationship much nicer, because you try together and you accept and love yourself as you are . That’s how you get more and more relaxed during sex. "

Are you talking openly about self-pacification with your partner?

"In the meantime, yes. At the beginning, I still hid my sex toy and never admitted that I use it every now and then when my boyfriend is not there. But now I can say it openly and my boyfriend even turns it on. It is something for men normal ... you don't make it an issue because it goes without saying that they let off steam when there are times when you have less sex. Why should we women be embarrassed for that? "

Would you say your orgasms have become more intense since you openly dealt with yourself?

"Definitely! I was one of the women who had a hard time reaching orgasm. I couldn't turn my head off and I admit that I often faked. Even when I satisfied myself, it was easier but not so Only when I really started to deal with myself and try everything on myself to see which parts of my body I have to touch that turn me on the most, only then did the orgasms become better and more intense on my sex life. I was able to let go and tell my partner openly what I like and what he might do differently. Now I can say our sex is fantastic and we have sex a lot more often, because it’s just a lot more fun. It’s no longer a "let off steam," it’s our time to pamper each other. "

Your closing word?

"Don't taboo the most beautiful thing in the world"