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Today we present our new cooperation partner Pink Ribbon Germany


Pink Ribbon Germany. This is us. A dedicated team that is committed to educating women and those around them about breast cancer - especially how important it is to recognize it early. 

Cancer? The bad word! Now nobody reads anymore ... 

At least that's how we experience it. People are afraid of the word, the illness, its consequences, death and shut down as soon as the subject comes up. We want to change that. We do not deny that sick women go through a very difficult time. At the same time, many do not know when diagnosing that over 80% of women (based on 10 years) survive the disease. Often because the cancer was discovered early and can therefore be treated well. So it is all the more important not to close your eyes and to go to the doctor quickly if you suspect anything.

What do dildos have to do with it now?
Since we get the bow well. Because even with all other collaborations that we enter into, we always aim to put our topic in a fear-free and positive context. So we take the most beautiful thing in the world and say in this way: Do not be afraid! Enjoy your life! And be careful with and good to your body!

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