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The perfect lubricant!

There are many reasons why a woman doesn't get wet or doesn't get wet enough. Often it is medical reasons, the hormonal balance, which, for example, goes crazy after pregnancy, or simply stress that triggers vaginal dryness. Of course, this can lead to uncomfortable friction during sex. To prevent this and to make sex as pleasant and relaxed as possible for both women and men, many couples use lubricants. In the meantime, a lubricant is no longer just a lubricant - different flavors ensure that the lubricant is also used in oral sex as, well .. we call it topping. With lubricant, it triggers a much more intense feeling in some and leads to an unexpected climax. But it is also at the forefront as a massage gel.

First and foremost, it depends on your preferred sex practices. For the first time, these decide on the consistency of the lubricant, which you should choose.

There are two forms you can choose from. Water-based and silicone-based lubricants. If you like the "classic" vaginal sex, a water-based lubricant is suitable. Also in connection with sex toys, water-based is preferred. If things get hot in the back, we recommend silicone lubricants. Ok, now you know which consistency you should choose for which sex practice. Now we come to the properties that a lubricant should fulfill.

We started a small question and answer session on our Instagram account and asked our followers what is important to them with a lubricant. The most common phrase "it must not stick so quickly" and we agree. It is indeed one of the most important points. Who wants sex to become uncomfortable after just a few minutes because the lubricant sticks? It was also important for at least as many followers that it be skin-friendly, as some struggle with sensitive skin.

Our recommendation - water-based lubricant!

Today we would like to introduce you to the water-based lubricant "REIBUNGSLLUST" from LustHoiz.

The water-based lubricant is once odorless, tasteless or in the flavors strawberry, vanilla and energy. And by the way, should the strawberry or vanilla aromas in the kitchen be empty ... it is edible and really delicious.

The lubricant from REIBUNGSverLust is particularly skin-friendly and draws well into the skin. It is productive, so that just one drop is enough for smooth fun. And a very important point - it doesn't stick! You can stay completely relaxed during a long, sensual hour of shepherd. Sensitive women and men can enjoy their love life without worry. The lubricant has been dermatologically tested and protects the genital area. It does not create allergies, is breathable and moisturizing. Included - Aloe Vera - and we all know how healthy Aloe Vera is for our skin. Several face masks and creams contain the active ingredient of this plant. It is not without reason that it bears the name "The plant of beauty and health". So why not for our intimate areas? And since we are around anyway anyway .. the lubricant also corresponds to the vaginal ph value.

LustHoiz's LoveFluids are vegan and cruelty free. An absolute plus and something that some cosmetic manufacturers should orientate themselves to! They offer a one-hand pump dispenser system in a noble bottle, which is very light and contributes to controlled dosing. The lubricant is made exclusively in Germany and is free of perfume, dyes and preservatives. It is safe with condoms - Suitable for use with latex, rubber and silicone. The lubricant is also toysafe and can be used safely when playing with vibrators, dildos, stimulators and other sex toys. It is water soluble, oil and fat free. It is easy to wash off and leaves no traces. Sex toys can be easily cleaned under water.

And you really can't complain about the price of € 12.90.